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Learn CPR
at Your Location

Rebecca Jones RN, MSN, CEN

American Heart Association Certified CPR Instructor

About Rebecca

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1994. I have worked in the Emergency Department since 2000 as a Staff Nurse, Department Director and Nursing Educator. I am certified as an Instructor for the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross.

I believe everyone should know CPR and how to use an AED - Automatic External Defibrillator; these are important skills to learn and the life you save will most likely be a loved one

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Did you know...

In one year alone, 436,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest

Four out of five cardiac arrests happen at home

16% of cardiac arrests happen in a public setting

If performed immediately, CPR can double or triple the chance of survival from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

CPR Training Sessions

I will bring the training to your site, including:

  • Businesses

  • Child Care Facilities

  • Schools

  • Churches

  • Retirement Centers

All that is required is seating for students and floor space for simulation and practice.

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Training for CPR and use of an AED provided in 60-90 minute sessions



for groups of 4-12 individuals

What to Expect

Lots of hands-on practice time with mannequins and AED

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